Pastel Perfect - Beach Windscreen

$85.99 $79.99

A Beach Necessity - Windy or Not

- Block Wind and Blowing Sand
- Save Your Beach Spot All Day Long
- Create Just the Right Amount of Privacy 
- Keep People From Walking Over Your Things
- Keep Your Beach Spot Organized & Secure 
- Light-Weight & Easy-to-Pack
- Bag & Mallet are Included

  • 5 Panels- 6 Meter Length (19.5 feet) by 32 inches tall
  • Fade Resistant Quick-Dry Material
  • Accessories Pocket and Carry Strap  
  • 6 Solid Hard Wood Dowels (Penciled)
  • Mallet + Bag

Enjoy the beach longer and relax with your own space, added privacy and shelter from wind & blowing sand. Beach Fence windscreens are durable, DOUBLE-STITCHED and lightweight.

They are made from a quick-dry polyester-mix that is resilient, fade resistant, and quiet in the wind, unlike windscreens made from tarp material.

This windscreen is 20 feet long and about 32 inches (2.75 feet) in height, when wooden dowels are sunk into the sand.

They are the perfect height for privacy and you can still see over the screen when sitting up or on a beach chair. Each windscreen features an accessories pocket to keep your essentials sand-free (ex. cell phone, car keys).

These windscreens will become a staple to your beach gear accessories as soon as you use it! Experience your own patch of the beach without anyone encroaching your space or kicking sand onto your belongings.

Perfect for individuals, couples, and/or groups of friends, as the windscreen length is adjustable. Water-resistant bag and mallet included FREE!