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Beach Fence Beach Windscreen privacy screen wind blocker

Beach Windscreens

The BEACH FENCE Experience

Until you have tried it for yourself, it's hard to grasp the feeling of having your own little spot on a busy beach. There is a unique feeling of privacy and comfort that only a beach windscreen can offer.

- Block Cool Winds and Blowing Sand
- Save Your Beach Spot All Day Long
- Create Just the Right Amount of Privacy 
- Keep Others From Walking Over Your Things
- Keep Your Beach Spot Organized & Secure 
- Light-Weight & Easy-to-Pack
- Carry Bag & Mallet are Included!

What's Included?

Every BEACH FENCE beach windscreen comes with a rubber mallet and carry bag.

The included mallet is the perfect size and weight. It is designed to minimize bounce-back and protect your poles from damage over time. For quick and easy set-up and to get the most out of your windscreen, a good mallet is a must!

Get Creative With Your Set-Up!

On days when the wind keeps changing directions or if you want more privacy, shapes 1 & 4 will give you the most wind shelter and privacy from 3 sides.

On days when the wind is blowing from only 1 direction or if you want your beach spot to be a little more "open concept", go for shapes 2 & 3.

We have seen some pretty awesome set-ups over the years, so don't limit yourself to these 4 shapes. Get creative and make your beach spot the perfect spot for you.