Beach Fence Beach Windscreen privacy screen wind blocker

Beach Windscreens

What's Included?

Every BEACH FENCE beach windscreen comes with a rubber mallet and carry bag.

The included mallet is the perfect size and weight. It is designed to minimize bounce-back and protect your poles from damage over time. For quick and easy set-up and to get the most out of your windscreen, a good mallet is a must!

Get Creative With Your BEACH FENCE Set-Up!

On days when the wind keeps changing directions or if you want more privacy, shapes 1 & 4 will give you the most wind shelter and privacy from 3 sides.

On days when the wind is blowing from only 1 direction or if you want your beach spot to be a little more "open concept", go for shapes 2 & 3.

We have seen some pretty awesome set-ups over the years, so don't limit yourself to these 4 shapes. Get creative and make your beach spot the perfect spot for you.