Classic Beach Windscreens

Beach Windscreens

Until you have tried it for yourself, it's hard to grasp the feeling of having your own little spot on a busy beach.  Whether it's just a little too windy, or you just want a little bit of privacy, a BeachFence windscreen will make the day.

- Block Wind and Blowing Sand
- Save Your Beach Spot All Day Long
- Create Just the Right Amount of Privacy 
- Keep People From Walking Over Your Things
- Keep Your Beach Spot Organized & Secure 
- Light-Weight & Easy-to-Pack
- Bag & Mallet are Included

Physical Distancing before Physical Distancing was a Thing

As beaches begin to re-open, most of us are eager to get back to a more familiar routine. BeachFence windscreens can help with creating that extra bit of physical and social space between you and your neighbors, without any potential awkward confrontations about 'keeping your social distance.'
As beach lovers, we all would love to be able to enjoy the beach, while being mindful and courteous of everyone's well being.