BEACH FENCE - Classic Nautical - 20 ft Beach Windscreen with Mallet & Carry Bag


Ships From: Niagara Falls, Canada - Average processing time: 1 day
Ships To: United States & Canada 
Transit Time: 2-5 days - Free Shipping

UPGRADE YOUR BEACH SPOT - Block wind and blowing sand | Create privacy | Define your personal space | Keep your beach spot organized and secure.

STAY AT THE BEACH LONGER - Stay comfortable on windy or cool days with this 20 ft beach wind blocker. Feel up to 10 degrees warmer inside your fence. When others are in sweaters and jackets, you will be getting your tan on in comfort and style.
PRIVACY AND COMFORT - There is a feeling of privacy and comfort that only a beach windscreen can offer. Feel completely relaxed in your own private oasis. Perfect for social distancing and defining your personal space.
QUALITY MATERIALS - This softer, fabric-like material cuts down on wind noise, dries quickly and is UV fade resistant. The poles are made from smoothly sanded, solid hardwood dowels. All the seams and pockets are double stitched for increased durability and longer life span.   

WHAT'S INSCLUDED? - Every BEACH FENCE beach windscreen comes with a rubber mallet and carry bag.

The included mallet is the perfect size and weight. It is designed to minimize bounce-back and protect your poles from damage over time. For quick and easy set-up and to get the most out of your windscreen, a good mallet is a must!


Get Creative With Your Set-Up!

On days when the wind keeps changing directions or if you want more privacy, shapes 1 & 4 will give you the most wind shelter and privacy from 3 sides.

On days when the wind is blowing from only 1 direction or if you want your beach spot to be a little more "open concept", go for shapes 2 & 3.

We have seen some pretty awesome set-ups over the years, so don't limit yourself to these 4 shapes. Get creative and make your beach spot the perfect spot for you.



      Beach Fence windscreens are made out of a durable polyester knit material, specifically designed to block the wind while remaining "quiet". Unlike nylon and other tarp like materials that flip and flap in the wind, our soft polyester blend makes virtually no noise at all.

      Not JUST A Beach Wind Blocker!

      Beach Fence windscreens are 20 feet long and about 3 feet high. 6 Penciled wooden dowels are affixed into pockets in the material and are used to stake your windscreen into the sand. They are the perfect wind blocker but that's just the beginning.

      Perfect for a day at the beach - windy or not!

      - Keep Wind & Blowing Sand At Bay
      - Save Your Beach Spot All Day Long
      - Create Just The Right Amount Of Privacy
      - Keep Others From Walking Over Your Things
      - Keeps Your Stuff Organized & Contained
      - Feel Like You're Always In VIP
      - Dedicated Play Space For The Kids
      - Light-Weight, Small & Easy To Carry
      - Carry Case And Mallet Included

      The Perfect Length!

      The Beach Fence team has tested multiple variations to figure out the perfect windscreen length. 20 feet is the answer. It's just enough to be able use this product to its full capacity. Many days of the year when the wind is constantly changing direction, it pays to have enough screen to block the wind and sand from multiple sides. And of course, enough length is also needed to boarder off space for the whole family.

      We also took into consideration that one will always be able to shorten their windscreen buy rolling up or overlapping panels if needed, It just makes sense not to "cut" yourself short.

      And if you like to hit the beach in large numbers or with extended family, then connecting multiple windscreens together is the way to go. Don't be afraid to get creative!

      A Beach Fence Story

      We were no longer out in the open- being studied by others. We had our very own patch of beach for the day.

      Our towels stayed virtually sand-free as no-one could just walk over them or kick up sand in our direction and the cool winds that day had little to no effect on us. It was really quite cold getting out of the water but as soon an we laid down in our windscreen it was a hot sunny day again, wind free.

      We couldn't believe! That something so simple and affordable worked so well and solved so many problems. We even felt more secure leaving our belongings when we went into the water and it didn't even seem to matter how busy the beach got that day. Nothing could affect our little patch of paradise.


      "You got up, got ready, packed up the kids and the car and got to the beach early to get your spot. With A Beach Fence windscreen, your spot is your spot, all day long.."