Go Go Goggles Swimming Glasses With Ear Plugs


Ships From: United States - Average processing time: 2 days
Ships To: United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)  2-4 days - Free Shipping

High-end Silicon swimming glasses... These are electroplated swimming glasses with earplugs to keep ears dry while you and the kids enjoy your pool or your beach excursion... The glasses are adjustable to comfortably fit around small to large faces and they are also anti-fog, waterproof and impact resistant to give you a completely joyful and safe experience as you swim without a blurry vision and any leakage of water in the ears!!


  • They are made of high-quality hypoallergenic Silicon gasket seal that makes them waterproof.
  • The lenses have a protective film that is impact resistant and gives clear vision while you swim.
  • They come in Basic Black, Sweet Pink, Beautiful Beige, and Summer Blue.